Hair Reduction

Super Hair Reduction (SHR)
SHR technology is a breakthrough innovation in IPL treatments. The difference between IPL SHR and other IPL machines is that SHR scans the treatment area with up to 10 flashes per second. This gradually heats the targeted area for painless hair reduction, instead of high intensity shots that can cause discomfort, experienced with traditional IPL.

Is IPL SHR hair reduction suitable for me?
Treatments are suitable for a wide range of skin types and hair colours.

How many treatments will I need?
This depends on your individual hair type. Most clients require 8-10 sessions to achieve optimum results though hair will reduce and become finer with each treatment. Maintenance treatments may be need for some.

How long do I have to wait between treatments?
Treatments must be conducted at regular intervals. These vary depending on the area being treated.

What can I expect after my SHR IPL sessions?
Facial hair will take 7-10 days to fall out while body hair may take 2-3 weeks. Individual results will depend on your skin type, hair coarseness and natural growth cycle.

Women’s SHR

Women’s Face SHR
Middle Eyebrows $17
Upper-Lip $30
Chin $30
Cheeks R/L $35
Side of Face R/L $40
Neck $35
Full Face $60

Women’s Body SHR
Half Arm $55
Full Arm $85
Lower 1/2 Leg $95
Upper 1/2 Leg $105
Full Leg $145
Stomach $55
Underarm $40
Tummy Line $25
Bikini $40
G-String $50
Full Brazilian $70
Buttocks $55
Back of Neck $25
Knuckles/Hands (Both) $25
Areola $30

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Men’s SHR

Men’s Body SHR
Full Leg $155
Front of Neck $40
Back of Neck $40
Shoulders (Top) $50
Shoulders Full $55
Upper Back $80
Lower Back $70
Full Back $140
Abdomen $70
Chest $150
Buttock $70
Men’s Brazilian $120
Men’s Beard $65
Cheeks $40
Full Arm $95
Half Arm $65
Lower Leg $95
Upper Leg $105
Under Arm $50

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Combination SHR Treatments

Lip & Chin $50
Underarm & G-String $80
Underarm & Bikini $70
Underarm & Brazilian $100
1/2 Leg, Underarm & Bikini $165
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm $210
Full Leg, G-String & Underarm $220
Full Leg, Brazilian & Underarm $240

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